Discover the art of the beard. ZEOS have taken the mystery out of mastering your beard with the new ZEOS blend of premium oils that have been sourced from around the world to promote incredibly touchable growth that’s easy to manage and sleek, beautifully conditioned skin.

The ZEOS signature blends of nourishing oils are naturally loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, Vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid to condition the hair and boost the skin’s elasticity and sooth any irritation. It does all the hard work for you, putting your follicles through their paces and leaving just a subtle scent, incredibly touchable beard and healthy-looking skin with no annoying greasy residue.

ZEOS Premium Blend Beard Oil is available in two memorable and incredibly masculine fragrances set to nudge your senses, not overpower them. The only difficult bit is for you to decide which of these two highly irresistible masculine fragrances you choose to use today.

ZEOS Inspire – An unforgettable fragrance journey, created for the kind of man who other people like to follow. A dominant, masculine blend with a contemporary twist, Inspire speaks of high achievement reminiscent of the boardroom or gentleman’s club. A perfect signature scent to wear as intimately as on your beard.
ZEOS Radiance – A bold and contemporary fragrance created for the dynamic man who likes to squeeze every single drop out of his life. Sharp but sweet top notes reminiscent of glittering fruits sit atop a heady yet distinguished base making this a lasting scent to wear as close as your beard to energise and invigorate throughout the day.

Life has enough complications, don’t let your beard be another one

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Have your favourite Shavedoctor products delivered to your door without ever having to reorder.

Just choose the right subscription option for you and never run out of your essential Shavedoctor shaving products ever again. Join the Shave Club Gold and you will be able to enjoy a Barber Shop Shave from one of the affiliated venues around the UK.

From Just £6 per month you can have your favourite Shavedoctor products delivered to your door without ever having to reorder.  The Shavedoctor is one of the cheapest and most popular shaving brands in the UK. 

All Shavedoctor products have been professionally and expertly created by a leading shave expert, industry voice and global educator in the barber industry - From a man who understands men's skin and shaving irritation like nobody else.

This range has been carefully developed for all skin types from ethnic, sensitive, dry and oily our products work hard to protect your skin like no other.


SCRUBD, one of Harvey Nichols’ best sellers in the Male Grooming category, have launched four new products within their Anti-Ageing and Energising ranges; Anti-Ageing Face Mask, Anti-Ageing Face Serum, Energising Oil Control Moisturiser and Energising Shave Cream.

New to market in 2017, British men’s grooming brand SCRUBD hand-craft 100% naturally effective soap and skincare for men. The entire collection is hand-crafted in England to meet the demands of men’s skin and uses only the finest, all-natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils ethically sourced from around the world. SCRUBD founder, Mark Helvadjian works with leading experts in England to create the SCRUBD signature soap and skincare ranges combining age-old artisan methods with cutting-edge techniques targeting all skin types. As champions of men, SCRUBD is passionate about helping men to feel great in their skin and be masters in every area of their life.

SCRUBD, crafted exclusively for men, was launched in late 2017 and is available online and exclusively at select Harvey Nichols locations.

‘Get scrubbed this week with our favourite new range, SCRUBD.’ – GQ

‘Buy for him, keep for you. An upgraded bathroom cabinet is inevitable’ – Elle

Let SCRUBD help you master your day with their four new skincare launches

Energising Oil Control Moisturiser 30ml (RRP £36)

Designed specifically for oily-prone skin this moisturiser is packed with natural Tea Tree Oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil reduce the redness of inflamed skin and dry up excess sebum. Antioxidants Vitamins C and E product against free radical damage from the sun and pollution while Vitamin A adds an extra anti-ageing punch. SCRUBD have paired Argan Oil, Peppermint and Bergamot Essential Oils with the above to replenish moisture and invigorate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling it’s best.

Energising Shave Cream 100ml (RRP £19)

Shave Creams are vital, but there are rights and wrongs. This cream allows for the cleanest, smoothest and most invigorating shave. Super-salves Shea Butter and Olive Oil work in tandem to moisturise, leaving the skin feeling soft and delivering an effortless glide, as Shea Butter also naturally reduces inflammation. Large amounts of Vitamins A, C and E protect against environmental aggressors, and help to maintain freshness in the skin for perfect post-shave results.

Anti-Ageing Face Mask 100ml (RRP £36)

Masks are definitely not reserved for women - using Dead Sea Mud sourced from Israel to purify and restore moisture balance, this mask works hard to draw out impurities and toxins from the surface of the skin, whilst healthy doses of Marine Collagen increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins A, C and E protect the SCRUBD man’s skin and play the part of serious antioxidants preventing harm from any external aggressors like sun and pollution.

Anti-Ageing Face Serum 30ml (RRP £49)

Face Serums are everywhere, but this high potency Serum talks the talk and walks the walk. With the perfected levels of Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Peptide Protein and Marine Collagen this serum will give your skin a huge boost of natural hydration. The Silk Peptide will also soften and boost skin’s overall tone, while Vitamins A, C and E protect. This intense hydration formula delivers healthier, firmer skin and actively combats signs of ageing.

SCRUBD’s Energising and Anti-Ageing Ranges are all available online at:


HR23+ hair health supplement 'tester pack' available soon... 

Behold, Europe's fastest growing hair growth pill just got wiser with its latest addition to the line - the new tester pouch, containing 28 capsules, giving you a one week supply.

HR23+ quoted "Although HR23+ is safe to use and free from major side-effects, there are quite a number of men and women who want to test the product first before committing to larger purchases. The new tester pouch will give users a fairly clear idea of the product, and for just £10."

For those of you who don't know, HR23+ is a potent multi-vitamin hair supplement that is designed to help prevent hair shedding, caused by common forms of alopecia like male and female pattern baldness. HR23+ can also promote healthy hair growth.

This popular supplement is one of the fatest growing products of its kind on the market, and it comes with the most impressive reviews, with over 89% of users satisfied with the results. 

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If you’re asking yourself what the SCRUBD man wants to receive for Valentine’s Day the answer is that this year Valentine’s Day is all about indulgence and classic, good old-fashioned romance. 

Show your man that you love him and the skin he’s in by giving him the SCRUBD Energising Range Gift Box. It will arrive in a stylish wash bag and contains the perfect skincare support for your SCRUBD man throughout Valentines and the change of seasons; helping him to feel and look his best for himself, and for his SCRUBD woman.

The luxurious scented Energising Face Scrub will wash away all the dirt on the surface skin from the working day, leaving you feeling fresh and smooth. The Face Wash then cleanses the skin of oils and other leftover impurities. Finally, the rich and indulgent Face Moisturiser replaces any lost vigour and moisture with a powerful blend of natural ingredients. This will not only leave the face soft and supple, but smelling great too.

The Energising Range Gift Box (RRP £65) contains:

Energising Face Moisturiser (50ml), the Energising Face Wash (100ml), the Energising Face Scrub (100ml) and of course the SCRUBD Washbag.

On Valentine’s Day you want clean, soft skin that smells attractive, but not too strong or overpowering. The Soap Collection Gift Box (RRP £65) has the perfect balance of fragrances, with 4 triple-milled Soap Blocks to choose from. These all have differing effects on the skin, so it’s a great menu to pick from whether you’re going out for a romantic meal, staying in at home, or doing something more adventurous.

The Soap Collection Gift Box (RRP £65) contains all 4 of SCRUBD’s organic, triple-milled Soap Blocks: The Charcoal & Black Pepper, Lemongrass & Lime, Cedarwood & Grapefruit, Oakmoss & Spearmint all come housed neatly in the SCRUBD Washbag.

SCRUBD’s Energising Range Gift Box and Soap Gift Box are available online at:


David Beckham unveils the launch of his first global grooming brand, HOUSE 99, a complete collection of 21 innovative products to conquer every style ambition. 

The highly anticipated launch was created by David Beckham in partnership with L’OrĂ©al Luxe to provide all the tools men need to experiment with their look in order to express their own evolving style and unique identity.

HOUSE 99 takes a holistic approach to grooming, merging British barbershop culture and style with hair, skin, beard and tattoo creativity to build a home for every man’s next look. This new grooming brand will launch in the UK, exclusively at Harvey Nichols, on February 1st 2018, and will roll out to other British retailers, and in 19 countries, from March 1st 2018.

“No one needs permission to think about style and grooming. Changing how you wear your hair or growing your beard is a personal decision.

House 99 helps you do that. I created House 99 to give people the inspiration as well as the right products to try out something different and feel completely at home doing so.Everyone can experiment and figure out what works for them. When I go to the barber, they expect me to ask for something new. I like keeping up that element of surprise at home, too.”

David Beckham


Get set for winter with an innovative skincare collection specifically designed for men. 

Whether you are seeking winter sun before, or after Christmas, or following the cold weather to snow peaked mountains, skincare is still important. SCRUBD is here with straightforward products that will keep your skin in tip-top condition, whatever the weather.

For the Winter Sun Seeker:
Protecting your skin from the sun is obviously very important, but re-hydrating, and removing any dead skin cells after the day is over is imperative to maintain that holiday glow, without flakes appearing.

Energising Face Moisturiser (50ml, RRP £34)

The Moisturiser contains Argan Oil and Manuka Honey to help lock in moisture, and Peppermint and Bergamot to invigorate and energise skin after being in the sun.

Energising Face Scrub (100ml, RRP £24)

The Face Scrub will clear the skin, revealing the smooth texture beneath. It contains a blend of cleansing natural oils and vitamins, including Volcanic Rock to scrub away the dead skin cells, and Lime and Blackcurrant Seed to stimulate and restore the skin’s youthful texture.

Or the Energising Range Gift Box, including both of the above, the Energising Face Wash, 100ml and the SCRUBD canvas wash bag – all suitable sizes to take in hand luggage on the plane (RRP £65).

For the Skiers:

Skin protection here is paramount, as the cold and the sunshine work together to dry out skin very quickly on the mountain. SCRUBD recommend deep moisturiser and Eye Gel.

Anti- Ageing Moisturiser (50ml, RRP £42)

The powerful multi-action formula uses Marine Collagen and CoQ10 to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while also hydrating with Goji Berry and Passion Fruit Extract for the perfect barrier against the snow and cold of the mountain.

Anti-Ageing Eye Gel (15ml, RRP £32)

This Eye Gel contains Caffeine and Cucumber Extract to help replenish the skin with natural moisture and nourishment.

Or the Anti-Ageing Range Gift Box, including both of the above, and the SCRUBD canvas wash bag (RRP £65).

SCRUBD can be bought at Harvey Nichols or online at