Professional athletes have come to represent the pinnacle of physical ability, serving as a cultural image of performance and physique. With millions watching sporting events, these body ideals have been planted firmly in the mainstream’s consciousness.

For all you guys who are slightly on the short side, fear not, because even though tall men may get most of the attention from the ladies, it doesn't necessarily mean they make the best athletes. Whatever your height, there is a sport out there for you, and here we look at the average male height of the world's most popular sports...

5'4 - Horse Racing

In horse racing, is it a considerable advantage for a jockey to be both short and light. Having a jockey who is of short stature and light weight makes it easier for the horse to run at top speed without being weighed down. At the Kentucky Derby, for example, a jockey cannot exceed 126 pounds, including his equipment. There is no specific height requirement, but due to the weight restrictions, most jockeys stand between 4'10" and 5'6". Examples of successful jockeys are Calvin Borel at 5'4", Victor Espinoza at 5'2", and Mario Gutierrez at 5'2".

5'5 - Wrestling

Height can be both helpful and detrimental in wrestling. Since taller people have more bone mass, they will generally be slightly weaker than shorter people in the same weight class. Long legs are detrimental in that they can easily be attacked by a lolly. Successful athlete, Sushil Kumar, is only 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in). 

5.7 - Formula 1

Formula 1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were never blessed with height, but with seven world titles between them, and millions in the bank, you get the impression they're pretty comfortable with their height. Being smaller and nimble is idea for driving an F1 car, for pretty obvious reasons, and the majority of world champions have been around the 5'6 - 5'8 mark.

Sushil Kumar - 5'5

5'8 - Cricket

Height does indeed vary in the sport of cricket, but some of the best batsman of all time have been on the short side. Much like soccer, cricket isn't a particularly tall sport, so if you are under 6ft and you think you've go what it takes to be successful in this vastly growing sport, then don't let your height put you off.

5.9 - MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that varies in height, due to the different weight divisions, however, on average, men in the region of 5'9 make the best fighters in the octagon.  Being shorter than 5'9 has its advantages in the way of being able to take an opponent down into a wrestling contest, but being taller than 5'9 also has its advantages with a longer reach.  So, the average height of 5'9 is probably the ideal height in MMA, in most scenarios.

Connor McGregor - 5'9

5'10 - Soccer

Again, like many sports, height varies in soccer - central defenders tend to be around the 6'1 mark, whereas creative midfielders like Iniesta, Scholes, and Xavi are normally between 5'5 and 5'8.  5'10 is a good height for soccer players, with top class goalkeepers and strikers being of that height.

5'11 - Sprinter

With the exception of the great Usain Bolt, the best sprinters in history usually fall into the height range of 5'9 - 6'0.  Being tall is seen as a hindrance in sprinting,  and even Bolt wasn't the quickest out of the blocks during his years of domination. If you're an agonisingly tad short of 6 ft then try sprinting.

6'0 - Rugby Union

Rugby used to be a sport for the small and nimble, but as soon the the game when professional in 1994, the whole dynamic changed.  Rugby players got bigger and taller, and even though there is a height for everyone in rugby, the average height of players went up from 5'9 to 6'0.

Sonny Bill-Williams - 6'0

6'1 - Tennis

Like rugby, tennis got taller over the years, and the average height for a tennis player is around the 6'1 mark.  6'1 tennis players include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka. You will always have some exceptions to the rule, like Andy Murray at 6'3, for example.


YouTube sensation, Christian Guzman, has created an energy drink with minimal calories, 200mg of caffeine, a resealable lid, and a taste that will make you re-evaluate what an energy drink could and should taste like.

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What does it taste like? 

UpEnergy tastes and looks almost identical to the already popular silver Monster energy drink, with the exception of a slight aftertaste, perhaps. UpEnergy contains very similar ingredients to the Monster drink, which leads us to believe that this is where they got their base idea from. 

Is UpEnergy worth almost twice the price of your standard Monster energy drink? We think not. But it could be worth purchasing UpEnergy at least once, as the bottle is reusable, and you'll be bagging yourself a decent product, effectively.


If you didn't know already, the month of August is designated as National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This four week slot is purely dedicated to the hair loss community.

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The art of vlogging is here to stay, and one of the most popular topics of interest in the vlogging world is health and fitness. So, we take a look at four of the biggest male health and fitness vloggers who are taking the world of YouTube by storm.

Steve Cook 

Age: 32 | Weight: 14st | Height: 6ft | Nationality: American | YouTube Subscribers: 800k 

Steve Cook (Pictured above) is an American IFBB professional physique competitor. He came 5th at the 2014 and 8th in the 2013 Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition. Since starting his self-titled YouTube channel, Steve Cook has gone from strength to strength, making him one of the most respected names in the health and fitness industry.

Cook's YouTube channel takes you on a day-to-day journey of his life, with diet plans, fitness goals, training advice, and some general hanging out time with friends and family.

Christian Guzman

Age: 24 | Weight: 13.5st | Height: 5'11" | Nationality: American | YouTube Subscribers: 750k

Christian Guzman has risen to the top of his game and become a highly recognized fitness personality. He’s also built a successful clothing line company, started a personal training business, and become an inspiration for people the world over. You'll occasionally see him hanging out with the likes of Steve Cook on his self titled YouTube channel. It's also interesting to see Guzman preparing for competitions and events. 

Bradley Martyn

Age: 28 | Weight: 17st | Height: 6'3" | Nationality: American | YouTube Subscribers: 1.1m

Bradley Martyn is an American social media star, physique competitor, and fitness guru. He runs a popular video channel, along with several other social media profiles. Through these sites, he shares his training, dieting, and supplementation advice – with a mission to help his followers get “awesome and lean.”

Joel Corry

Age: 28 | Weight: 13.5st | Height: 5'10" | Nationality: British | YouTube Subscribers: 12k

You may remember Joel Corry from the British reality TV show, Geordie Shore, but we're glad to know he has developed his career hugely since those crazy days. Corry is now a serious men's body competitor, as well as a respected music DJ. Corry's YouTube channel offers an interesting insight into his bodybuilding, diet, social life and DJing. Definitely worth a visit.


Providing you with a more exciting alternative to plain 'chicken and rice', here, we go through a simple diet plan that'll help get you lean and shredded in no time at all.

As we stated in our previous article, you really don't need to spend money on gym memberships to get into shape. You don't need to be a fan of sport either. All you need is to set aside some time for your workouts and make sure you are eating the right foods.

If you're looking to get that desirable Brad Pitt from (Fight Club) athletic but muscular physique, then follow our simple diet plan that, along with a good workout routine, to help get you shredded in a matter of weeks! In this third part of our guide, we recommend this diet plan... 


A small tub of low fat cottage cheese, with a handful of unsalted nuts (almonds or cashews are good), and a banana.  
The cottage cheese and nuts both provide your body with a good amount of protein, essential for muscle recovery and gain. A banana will boost your energy levels and make you feel full.


Set yourself up for the afternoon with a portion of skinless chicken (one breast) and a salad. Also have half an avocado or cucumber.  You'll get plenty of protein with the chicken, and lots of excellent fat-free fillers with the salad.  The avocado provides your body with good, healthy fats.

Mid afternoon snack

Consider a tablespoon of peanut butter with a green apple. Peanut butter has good fats in it as well as a high amount of protein - just be sure to pick a sugar-free one.  The apple will give you a sweet hit, without any bad sugars. 


A lean tuna fillet with sweet potatoes, green beans and broccoli. This meal should be eaten after your workout, ideally, and with plenty of clean protein in the fish and the broccoli.  The sweet potatoes are slow releasing carbs, excellent if you're trying to lose weight. 


It's always a good idea to have a little snack before going to bed, in order to keep your metabolism ticking over.  A low fat natural Greek yoghurt with some protein powder mixed in would make an excellent supper. 

Remember to keep your meals small and simple, eat regularly throughout the day, and stay off white bread and sugar in particular.


Here, we go through a simple high intensity interval training (HIIT) session that'll help get you lean and shredded in no time at all. And what's more, it won't cost you a penny!

As we stated in our previous article, you really don't need to spend money on gym memberships to get into shape. You don't need to be a fan of sport either.  All you need is to set aside 25 minutes, three days a week, and you're half way there.

If you're looking to get that desirable Brad Pitt from (Fight Club) athletic but muscular physique, then follow our training guide that'll get you shredded in a matter of weeks! In this second part of our guide, we recommend trying this HIIT session... 

For each set, exercise for 45 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat for 20 minutes, with a final one minute burst at the end.

Mountain Climbers

Start off with some intense mountain climbers, making sure your form is good and your legs are pumping hard.  Mountain climbers benefit the whole physique and are particularly good for the abs and your lower back.


Making sure you squat as far down as possible, be sure to pump those legs fast in order to get the full burn. Squats are excellent for your legs, core and buttocks.  They'll help get you shredded in no time. 

Star Jumps

Keep those legs pumping with a set of super-fast star jumps.  This is a great alternative to the skipping rope.  Star jumps is a very effective fat burner, so make sure you give it your all. 


This one is going to hurt, but with no pain comes no gain.  Doing burpees will be very difficult at first, but as you get fitter you'll be able to do more of them, and quicker too.  This exercise is great your the whole body, from chest and arms all the way down to your core and legs. 


Bust out some fast crunches to get those abs and core working overtime.  Try and crunch as fast as possible, working through the burn.  You'll have your six pack in no time at all. 

Repeat this cycle until the 20 minutes is up. Finish off with an intense one minute running on the spot. 

Stay tuned for the third part of our guide to getting the perfect physique. 
Images used from WorkoutLabs.com 


Here we go through some simple training methods that'll help get you in tip-top condition in no time at all.  And what's more, it won't cost you a penny!  

Let's face it, we all want to look good, especially during the hotter months of the year, but looking good takes a heck of a lot of effort and pain.  It's all very well for those folks who get a buzz from working out, but it's usually a different story for the rest of us mortals who find it difficult to find the time and energy to get into shape.

If truth be told, you don't actually need to spend money on gym memberships to get into shape.  You don't need to be a fan of sport either. All you need is to set aside 25 minutes, three days a week, and you're half way there.  

If you're looking to get that desirable Ryan Reynolds athletic but muscular physique, then we'll guide you through three parts of an easy to follow training problem that'll get you shredded in a matter of weeks! In the first part of our guide, we recommend trying these 5 simple exercises...

1. Press-Ups
There really is no substitute for doing press-ups. Your chest is the biggest muscle group in your body, and a good chest is the key to a good physique.  Bust out 25-40 full press-ups (whatever your maximum limit is), then drop to your knees and bust out 10-15 more (again, whatever your limit is), and then finish off on 10 mini press-ups for maximum burn.

2. Shoulder-Press
Good shoulders and upper chest are key factors to looking good, therefore shoulder exercises should be a key part of your training.  Get a couple of 5kg dumbbells and simply raise them from your shoulders to the sky. Bust out about 30-40 reps (whatever your limit is), then finish off on 10 mini-shoulder-presses for maximum burn.

3. Lateral Raise
Begin standing straight, arms down by your side holding the 5kg dumbbells. Then raise the dumbbells up so both your arms are horizontal. Repeat about 25-30 times (whatever your limit is). Good lats will make you look more athletic in clothes. 

4. Triceps Dips
Working out your triceps is a great way to finish off a set. Simply lean backwards against a solid standing table, dip your body down and then push up.  Try and bust out 40-50 of these in order to feel the full burn. 

5. Sit-Ups
There are literally millions of ways you can work your abs, so this is something that you will need to decide on yourself.  Remember though, a million sit-ups a day won't get you the six-back you desire. Working many other parts of your body will also benefit your stomach muscles. 

Repeat this cycle four times.  The workout should take you about 20 minutes. 

Stay tuned for the second part of our guide to getting the perfect physique. 
Images used from WorkoutLabs.com 

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