Hair really does matter to us guys, and an increasing amount of follicly challenged men are now using hair building fibres in an attempt to enhance their hairline and increase their confidence. 

Up to 60% of men are set to suffer from some form of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 40. That's a staggeringly high statistic and it really is no surprise to see the hair loss treatment sector exceed the £1.5 billion mark. The thing is, with so many 'treatments' for hair loss on the market, it really is hard to define what actually works, so naturally, many men want a fuss-free solution for their hair. 

What are hair building fibres?
Hair building fibres are tiny statically charged fibres that cling onto the strands to enhance the appearance and thickness of the hair. HairLab hair thickening fibres are very easy to apply but the study behind the electrostatic charges, which bind the fibres to hair, is a very complex one. Overly statically charged fibres can make the hair appear frizzy. But HairLab's outstanding results focus on getting just the right charge for the dispensing of the fibres – allowing for a lasting, natural look.

Why choose HairLab fibres?
With so many hair building fibres brands on the market, you might find it hard to differentiate one from another. Is there a difference in each brand, or are they all the same? According to HairLab, their hair building fibres stand out from their competitors for a number of reasons: HairLab have spent time in sourcing the right compound of wool and keratin to match human hair in order to obtain the correct blend for fibres. This blend combined with the strong static charge gives HairLab fibres a superior binding effect when applied to hair. HairLab fibres don't make your hair frizz, and blend perfectly with your natural head of hair - they're virtually undetectable. 

Let's face it, if it's a concealer you want for your hair, then it is hugely important for a product to give your hair the right thickness, without looking unnatural. Quite often fibres can simply just fall flat on to the head and not stick to your existing hair. With HairLab fibres the correct charge strength creates a resistance that enables the fibres to fall on to your hair with a branched effect giving a much thicker look. This strong charge in these fibres also gives a more secure bind to your hair enabling a long lasting effect as you go about your day.

HairLab comes in four different colours, which should match 99% of men's hair colour. The four shades are light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. Remember, you can mix two or three shades in order to get the right colour match for your hair. We'd also recommend using the HairLab Locking Mist for extra hold after applying the fibres to your hair. 

Are hair building fibres for you?
If you're suffering from hair loss and want to rectify a receding hairline or fill in a patchy scalp, then you should definitely consider hair building fibres as a solution. Hair building fibres are subtle and effective, enabling you to feel more confident throughout the day. If you are not keen on taking supplements or spending vast amounts of money on hair loss treatment foams, serums and shampoos that simply don't provide the results you are looking for, then hair building fibres offers you a safe, effective and affordable solution for hair loss. Hair building fibres are also popular with guys who have undergone hair transplant surgery, and therefore seek a concealer while their new hair is growing back. 

If you would like to know more about HairLab and their revolutionary hair building fibres collection, then head on over to Start feeling confident again with HairLab.