Is it our hair, our skin, or our bodies that we tend to worry about the most? Seriously, what is it that makes so many men buy into men's grooming, styling and beauty products? 

We're half way through the year, and already the men's grooming sector is on course to break all sales records set previous to 2016. With the men's grooming sector now covering all kinds of aspects from hair care and skin care to the less conventional codes of beard and body care, we ask the question: Why is the male grooming industry booming more than ever, and what specific aspects of our physical appearance concern us the most? 

Over the past six months, The Male Grooming Review has collected key data ranging from sources such as reader feedback, social media responses, sales figures, brand advertising, and research of men's beauty industry, to bring you the top five key categories that push men into buying specific men's beauty products for specific concerns.

5 Skin Care
The men's skin care market has never been so big, and you can get a pretty good feel how broad and accessible skin care products are by just visiting your local supermarket. Men are taking better care of their skin, even as early as their 20s, because they know how important it is to keep their facial (and body) skin hydrated, moisturised and revitalised throughout each and every day. Men's face scrubs and washes are also becoming hugely popular amongst men.

4 Ageing
As we reach thirty, we tend to grow concerned about things that would never have bothered us in our twenties. Ageing is now a very common concern with men, especially as we leave our twenties. An ever increasing amount of our monthly grooming budget is spent on advanced anti-ageing creams, serums, lotions, and even botox. It seems it's not just women who fear wrinkles, as more and more men are jumping on the anti-ageing treatment bandwagon too.

3 Health
You know the famous saying - we are what we eat - and that seems to be the theme of 2016 judging by the pattern of how we are now looking after our bodies. Healthy foods and lifestyles has seen a huge increase, thanks to social media sites like Instagram, where trying new, healthier eating options has suddenly become a trend, and one that helps us look and feel much better about our bodies and mind.

2 Fitness
It's a fact - most guys want to look good and have a great body to show for it. Hitting the gym has never been so popular, and the trend doesn't look like ending any time soon. More men are now staying focused on getting lean and ripped, which in most cases leads to a well-rounded grooming routine.

1 Hair Loss
Yep, you've guessed it, hair loss in the biggest concern that over 40% of men have to deal with every single day. Let's face it, no man wants to suffer from hair loss, and so naturally, many guys are seeking solutions for this soul-sapping problem. The hair loss industry is now estimated to be worth a whopping £1.5 billion, so it's no surprise to see so many hair care products widely available on today's market.